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Your application has been received, and shortly you will receive two emails from us, the first a welcome from the Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail support team, and the second our full application questionnaire. As soon as we receive the filled-out questionnaire we will begin analyzing where you may be having problems, and we will alert you to any problems that we may find even before you join our service! And once you join our service you will get all of the great benefits of being a Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail certified sender, including our assistance analyzing and optimizing your email strategies and practices to get you delivered to the inbox and increase your open rates, and our advocating for you directly with any inbox provider or spam filter with which you may be having problems getting to the inbox! Everything is included in your Get to the Inbox membership, no matter how many times you may ask us for assistance, and it’s all covered by our money-back guarantee! And of course, if you have or can get your own dedicated IP address, you’ll be listed on the Good Senders List (GSL), which is used by the inbox providers and spam filters every single day!

If you have any questions about our service, about delivery problems you may be having right now, or, really, anything at all, just hit ‘reply’ on any email from us and you’ll reach a helpful member of our team.

We’re looking forward to serving you!

Your friendly Get to the Inbox Team

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