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Are you doing email delivery monitoring? I sure hope so, because inbox delivery monitoring is one of two critical ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your email campaigns (the other is tracking your open rates and click-through rates , which is another discussion for another day).

If sending bulk email (email campaigns, newsletters, etc.) are the lifeblood of your company, than tracking whether the email is getting into the inbox, or if it’s instead going into the junk folder or being blocked entirely, is how you know whether that lifeblood is getting to all the extremities, and actually delivering oxygen to them (to really stretch a metaphor). And to stretch it to its utmost extent – the lack of good inbox delivery can lead to email gangrene.

So, how does one do inbox delivery monitoring? Well, you either do it for yourself, or you pay someone to do it.

Now, I should say right up front that our SuretyMail email accreditation service doesn’t do inbox delivery monitoring, and here’s why: because SuretyMail does one thing and one thing only, (and I must say that we do it very well – in fact I’d say that we do it the best) and that is getting your email into the inbox. And that is what people pay us to do (and why they pay us so much less than they’d pay the other email reputation and accreditation services out there – by focusing on our one mission – getting your email delivered to the inbox – we are able to run lean and light, and pass that savings on to you).

But there’s another reason that we don’t do email delivery monitoring: because for the most part it’s a rip-off (I said “for the most part” – stay with me and I’m going to tell you when and where it isn’t a rip off).

Now, when I say that it’s a rip-off, I don’t mean that companies out there are scamming you when they charge for inbox delivery monitoring.

What I mean is this, and listen closely:

Anybody can set up a bunch of free email accounts, such as at Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc., have you add them to your mailing lists, and then charge you a bundle to check the inbox and see if your mail is there.

Again, anybody can do that.

And we could do it for you, but then we’d have to raise our prices. And why would you pay someone to do that for you when you can do it yourself so easily for free?

But maybe you really don’t have the time or staff to do this for yourself. Or maybe you actually want more information than “did my email make it into the inbox?” such as, if it didn’t make it to the inbox, is it because your IP address or URL is blacklisted somewhere? (And, you should want this information, because it’s available and it’s critical information.) While you can do all that for yourself, for free, sometime’s free is too expensive in terms of time, manpower, etc..

So let’s assume that you do want this information, and that you do want to outsource it to someone else for whatever reason – but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Here’s what we recommend – we recommend a company who, like us, does one thing, and so does it very well. They do delivery monitoring. That’s all that they do, day in and day out, and so they really know their stuff when it comes to inbox email delivery monitoring. And because they are a single-focus company, not only do they excel at what they do, but they, like us, do it for a much more reasonable price than you will find it anywhere else.

That company is called Delivery Monitor, and they charge only $79.95 a month for inbox delivery monitoring which includes:

– Campaign deliverability by ISP.
– Delivery Duration by ISP. (How long it took for your email to appear.)
– IP blacklist monitoring.
– URL blacklist monitoring.
– Percentage of campaign messages delivered from time of first seen message.
– Cumulative campaign deliverability compared to previous campaigns.
– Cumulative campaign delivery durations.

In fact, Delivery Monitor does delivery monitoring so well that several years ago we partnered with them, and so our SuretyMail email accreditation customers who want external delivery monitoring get it at a discount off the already amazingly low price that Delivery Monitor charges.

Of course, if after implementing delivery monitoring – whether on your own, through Delivery Monitor, or through some other solution – you discover that your email deliverability to the inbox needs improving, you know where to come for help, right? Right

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